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Sva Ha Yoga & The Synergy of Sound Training

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Experience profound healing and transformation for your land and house with Healers Healing.

Our $150 package combines a variety of sacred practices, including sound therapy, Sva Ha yoga, meditation, high vibrational consciousness training, energy coaching, natural law teachings, and rhythmic transformational bodywork.

Delve into the roots of your space’s energy with Ancestral Healing. By acknowledging and healing ancestral imprints, we facilitate the release of stagnant energy, making way for fresh, vibrant vibrations.

Through meticulous Grid Work, we cleanse and harmonize the energetic pathways within your space, promoting balance and serenity.

Reset your space’s intentions with our Intentions Reset service. Clear, positive intentions act as beacons, attracting energies aligned with your desires, creating a sanctuary that supports your aspirations and dreams.

Unlock the resonances within your space through Sound Healing. Using sacred instruments, we cleanse and uplift the energies, filling your space with tranquility.

Our Land and House Clearing services offer more than just physical transformation—they invite you on a transformative journey. As we weave together ancestral healing, grid work, intentions resetting, and sound healing, your space becomes a tapestry of harmonious energies, fostering a deeper connection to your surroundings and inner self.

Experience the profound healing and transformation of Healers Healing today.
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