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Sheffield Island Lighthouse Tour

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Experience the enchantment of the Sheffield Island Lighthouse Tour.

Our Lighthouse Ferry Cruises offer unforgettable experiences, including Clambakes and Sunset Cruises. Tickets are now available for purchase!

Discover the rich history of lighthouses like the Girdleness Lighthouse in Scotland, standing proudly at the entrance to Aberdeen’s harbor. Managed by the Northern Lighthouse Board, this active light has safeguarded sailors since its construction in response to a tragic maritime disaster in 1813. Today, automated and monitored from Edinburgh, it stands as a beacon of safety, with 182 steps leading to its lantern, flashing every 20 seconds.

Learn about our exciting plans for this year, including cruise schedules, Sheffield Island Lighthouse renovations, the Norwalk Oyster Festival, and new membership levels. Discover how you can volunteer for our established non-profit organization, serving Norwalk since 1978.

Mark your calendar for our first cruise of the season on Memorial Day Weekend, continuing a beloved family tradition or starting a new one with a summer cruise to Sheffield Island.

Join us in celebrating Norwalk’s rich maritime heritage and waterfront at the 46th Annual Norwalk Oyster Festival on September 6th, 7th, and 8th. Contact us for more information on festival applications.
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