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Pet Massage

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Massage offers numerous benefits for your dog, addressing physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It enhances circulation, promoting better oxygenation and detoxification, while also benefiting muscles, joints, and overall health.

At our dog spa, we provide tailored massage sessions to help your pet thrive. Our procedures improve blood flow, flexibility, and range of motion, relieving pain from conditions like hip dysplasia and spinal problems. Additionally, massage reduces stress, anxiety, and discomfort, offering relaxation for your furry friend.

Massage isn’t a luxury but an essential part of pet care. Whether you visit our salon or opt for home sessions, your pet will experience the healing effects of massage. Our therapists provide individualized attention to ensure your pet feels calm, relaxed, and happy throughout the session.

Pricing for our massage services is as follows:

Small Dogs: $85 (Under 20 lbs)
Medium Dogs: $135 (20 – 60 lbs)
Large Dogs: $155 (60 – 100 lbs)
Extra Large Dogs: $175 (Over 100 lbs)

Invest in your pet’s health and well-being with therapeutic massage. Don’t wait for discomfort to arise—make massage a regular part of your pet’s healthcare routine for a fit, happy, and healthy life.
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