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Perfect Facebook Cover

Perfect Facebook Cover

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The appearance of a personal Facebook account, group or community plays an important role in attracting new friends and followers. Proper Facebook cover design is especially important for public pages promoting brands, people, or events. With the help of a well-chosen photo or collage, you can attract the attention of thousands of new subscribers and significantly increase the popularity of the community and sales of goods and services around the world.

Despite the apparent simplicity of cover design, there are many subtleties that are well known to experienced SMM specialists, but remain unknown to most ordinary users. For example, when choosing an image, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the web version of Facebook the cover is stretched along the top edge of the screen, while in the mobile version the image is “more square”. This feature must be taken into account when choosing a photo. The ideal option for Facebook cover design is a collage, where these geometric nuances are not so noticeable.

Entrust the creation of a unique FB cover to specialists.
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