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Latin Rhythms Dance

Latin Rhythms Dance

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· Certified Curriculum! All instructors follow a certified curriculum which is developed by the Artistic Director, Maricza Valentin. Maricza has been teaching since 1988 and is a graduate of Columbia College-Chicago with a degree in dance performance, teaching, and choreography.

· Enter at ANY Skill Level! Courses are structured to meet the needs of our students and their diverse skill levels, from complete beginner to seasoned pro. Not sure where to start? Let us evaluate you for FREE. Drop by our studio anytime during business hours and we will assess your skill level honestly and objectively and place you in a class best suited for you. With this Groupon, you can register for any style, at any level, as long as you are a first-time student. Offer not valid for private lessons.

· Flexible Schedule! Classes are designed to work with your current schedule — Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. One class = 4 sessions which meet 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.

· Great Workout! Be sure to wear shoes and clothing you will be comfortable dancing in.. please keep in mind, LRDS is a family setting.
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