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Half-hour Private Piano Lessons

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$20.00 per 30-minute private piano lesson if paying with cash.

I provide personalized piano instruction tailored to students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your technique, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your musical aspirations. Lessons take place in the comfort of my cozy home studio situated in Old Town Longmont.

For beginners, I welcome children as young as five years old and individuals of all ages starting their musical journey. With a classical foundation, students learn note reading and play simple melodies. Additionally, I incorporate elements of jazz and pop music, offering flexibility and creativity in learning.

Intermediate lessons focus on advancing skills with more complex pieces and techniques, including scales, arpeggios, and exposure to classical composers.

Experienced pianists receive specialized instruction tailored to their interests and goals, whether it’s mastering improvisation, delving deeper into classical repertoire, refining technique, or enhancing sightreading abilities and theoretical knowledge.

My teaching area is set up with a big sofa for parents to sit on during the lessons, and a table where siblings can do homework. I do have a dog, but he is confined to non-teaching areas during lessons. I do NOT have a cat. I do not allow students under 12 to come to lessons unsupervised. A parent, designated adult, or older sibling must accompany them. Students over the age of 12 – well, that’s negotiable. Often, a piano teacher is the first adult outside the family to have a relationship with a child, and that is an enormous responsibility that I take very seriously. Having a parent sit on the sofa during the lesson has enormous benefits for everyone. For one thing, children really value being praised in the presence of their parents!

Piano or keyboard access at home is required, and lessons are scheduled weekly at a mutually agreed-upon time.
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