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Doggy Day Care

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Indulge your furry friend in a day of luxury at Signature Paw Spa doggy day care in Pebble Beach. Our upscale facility offers plush spa beds, an array of toys, a sun deck for lounging, and a serene atmosphere for relaxation. With attentive staff present at all times, your pet will feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay.

Here’s what we offer:

No Kenneling: Your pet will never be kenneled or caged, ensuring maximum freedom and comfort.
Extended Stay Packages: Treat your pet to an extended stay in our luxurious facility.
Massage Packages: Pamper your pet with our indulgent massage packages.

Choose from our range of services:

In Room Doggy Day Care - $22 per hour
Doggy Day Care in our comfortable and luxurious facility

Doggy Night Care - $110
Night care in our comfortable and luxurious facility

In Room Doggy Day Care - $42 per hour
On location Doggy Day Care

At Signature Paw Spa, we prioritize the well-being of your pet. Whether they’re lounging in our heated rooms or enjoying supervised walks and playtime, your pet will receive expert care and attention. We provide high-quality, preservative-free food and healthy snacks tailored to your pet’s dietary needs.

Additional amenities include:

Comfortable spa beds in spacious, heated rooms
Secure walking areas to prevent escapes
Well-planned meals using your preferred food or ours
Plus, our trained specialists offer:

Tailored exercise routines to keep your pet happy and healthy, obedience training, and specialized sessions to enhance your pet’s skills

Please note, that all pets must have a valid medical book and vaccination records for admission. At Signature Paw Spa, we prioritize the health and safety of every furry guest. Join us for a day of pampering and relaxation, where your pet’s happiness is our top priority!
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