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Bed bugs Treatment | Bed bugs Pest control services

Bed bugs Treatment | Bed bugs Pest control services

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Experts conduct a thorough examination of hiding spots where bed bugs may be concealed and administer advanced chemical treatments to these areas. A gentle, low-odor spray is applied to ensure comprehensive eradication of bed bugs.

This initial treatment is followed by a second round of intervention after a 15-day interval, targeting newly hatched bed bugs since their eggs are resistant to destruction.


This method is highly effective and guarantees complete control of bed bug infestations at home, ensuring that no bed bugs are found in treated areas afterward.
Service Timeframe:

The 45-day service plan comprises two treatments spaced 15 days apart.
The 90-day service plan includes four treatments.

The 45-day service comes with 45 days of protection.
The 90-day service offers 90 days of protection.
Additionally, you have the option to extend the warranty for one more year, providing year-round protection against bed bugs in your home.
Hicare has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Since 2004, Hicare has established itself as India’s leading and most trusted provider of residential and commercial pest control services, addressing a wide range of pests, from termites and woodborers to cockroaches and more.

For more information and to avail of our services, please visit our website at or contact us at 39889988.
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