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Akanksha Mehendi

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The practice of applying mehendi, also known as henna body painting, dates back many centuries to when ancient Egyptian beauties adorned themselves with intricate designs and patterns. Over time, this art form has evolved into a cherished ritual with its own set of traditions.

Even today, mehendi remains closely associated with wedding ceremonies and rituals.

Contemporary Indian women can now enjoy the beauty of henna paintings. At our salon, our skilled artists will assist you in selecting the perfect design.

Henna imbues each part of the body with varying degrees of intensity and vibrancy. For example, the skin on the back of the neck is thin and delicate, resulting in a more subdued pattern that may fade quickly. In contrast, henna hand painting is ideal for those seeking an open, long-lasting design, as the hands offer a suitable canvas.

Within our collection of mehendi samples, you’ll discover an array of intricate, ornamental, and geometric patterns, as well as traditional inscriptions executed in various techniques.

Our expert professionals will proficiently bring any of your ideas to life.

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